Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Benefits of Cannabis Infused Coffee

Certain activies provoke a sterotype in the heads of many people. Drinking coffee points to someone being productive and it fits into the lifestyle of a businessman. You might image a man in a business suit sipping a hot cup of coffee while checking his cell phone.

Smoking marijuana on the other hand is a sign of slacking off and playing video games. But what happens when you mix the two?

Successful stoners, that's who.

The marijuana marketplace has introduced many new forms of cannabis laced treats in the last couple of years. Gummy bears and rice crispy treats now contain high level of THC in order to medicate even the most chronic uses.

Los Angeles and Seattle are both known for bringing cannabis coffee into their cafes. Users of cannabis can now sip their cup of coffee to enjoy the same benefits as smoking marijuana would give. Only with an added kick of caffeine for an energy boost.

The rapid acceptance of marijuana in many states has kicked off the spread of cannabis coffee.

The legalization or decriminalization of marijuana is slowly helping users in need of medication to finally find a non-addictive form of relief.